We get a lot of questions regarding the process of picture framing here at Cherry Creek Custom Framing. Let’s face it, framing is not something everyone is familiar with and can be a bit of a mystery if you’ve never had something custom framed. We welcome your inquiries, but in an effort to provide answers to questions we hear often we have put together a simple five point FAQ in order to explain aspects of the art of framing that you might not know. Below is our list of entry level questions and answers for those looking to frame something for the first time, or for those who haven’t worked with us and don’t know how we differ from other framers.

  • Will my art be safe at your store while it is being framed?

Yes. We have various strategies for storage within our shop. Works on paper are slipped into mylar sleeves or acid free foam core folders and stored flat inside print file drawers. We have a secure area for paintings, and other larger items. Our shop is climate controlled and has 24 hour security.  We carry insurance that covers the value all artwork in the shop, including rare and historic works. Besides the obvious precautions, one way you can put trust in us is our professionalism and business tenure. Cherry Creek Custom Framing has been reliably framing art and objects since 1997. Our staff has a combined 30 plus years of fine art experience. With so many projects under our belt, we are the go-to shop for your framing needs wither they be conventional or out of the ordinary.

  • What is the best way to frame my art?

That my friend, is a personal choice. We act as guides at Cherry Creek Custom Framing. We work with you to find solutions. Custom framing reflects your personality. That’s what having something custom made for you is all about. That said, we adhere to museum-like archival standards. Every product we use is sourced with longevity and stability in mind. Any framing package that you design with us will protect your art rather than degrade it. From acid free substrates and Ph neutral rag mat board to UV protective glazing, our frames use only quality materials. Our goal is to provide you with frames that compliment your unique sense of style and enhance and protect your artwork for years to come.

  • How will my art be attached within the frame?

True to our archival standards, we take a minimalist approach to mounting. While some big box framing stores glue everything to cardboard, we specialize in archival hinging of artwork. With archival hinging, your artwork is suspended from two paper or linen tape tabs at the top. The advantage of this method is that it leaves your artwork unchanged from it’s original state. What many people don’t know is that permanently mounting artwork to a substrate often ruins it’s monetary value. Archival hinging is the best method to use with works on paper. Canvases are installed with offset clips and jerseys or textiles are sewn by hand with cotton thread. Mylar corners are a great non permanent way to keep photos secure. As each piece of art our customers bring to us is unique, the expert framers at Cherry Creek Custom Framing design a unique mounting strategy to preserve and secure the art within the frame.

  • What can I expect to spend on a custom frame?

This is by far the question we get the most. Like the best way to frame your art, it varies greatly and depends on personal choice. We design frame packages for every budget. What we don’t do is sell low quality materials like plastic extruded moldings or decorative paper board like the big box retailers do. Framing costs lie mostly in the materials. When designing a framing package with us we are happy to break down the overall price into it’s components to show you what you are paying for. We view framing as a long term purchase, not a disposable item. In this way our frames have more in common with fine furniture rather than discount decorative goods.

  • What are the benefits of having an item framed?

When done correctly, a well crafted frame adds longevity, protection, and beauty to your artwork. Framing is an art. It is a marriage of architecture and artwork. The right frame will perfectly compliment an image, not draw attention away. The right frame is a reflection of you and your living space. It can be wild and accent a special place or be subdued and modestly present a compelling image. Remember, when framing a piece of art you are visually telling the story of you. You are as unique as the images you choose to adorn your walls. Let the experts at Cherry Creek Custom Framing guide you to the perfect frame that reflects someone special: YOU!