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How to Frame Art, (interview with Tam O’Neill in 5280 Home)

How to Frame Art Expert tips for making sure your painting or lithograph gets the finishing touch it deserves. BY CHERYL MEYERS   5280 HOME AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2018 Good framing is to artwork what good upholstery is to your living room sofa: Get it right, and you’ll elevate everything in the room. Get it wrong and, well, [...]

Mad about Mid-Mod?

Are you mad about mid-century modern design? Did you watch every episode of Mad Men for the spot on set design as well as the steamy storylines? Are you prone to combing vintage stores and thrift boutiques looking for icons like Knoll, Eames, or Herman-Miller to add to your collection?  As design experts, the framing [...]

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To UV or not to UV

Here at Cherry Creek Custom Framing, the summer is winding down and as we set aside the sunscreen and pull out the sweaters we would like to highlight an ongoing danger that tends to get overlooked. During the summer months we slather ourselves and our children with copious amounts of sunscreen to protect us from [...]

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Craftsmanship Revived at Cherry Creek Custom Framing

The Victorian artist, poet, designer, and social activist William Morris is credited with inspiring the international design movement known as Arts and Crafts. The Arts and Crafts movement stressed joy in labor as opposed to the growing alienation and social disorder stemming from the rapid industrialization of England and beyond. Through his writings, Morris urged [...]

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5 Questions to ask your custom framer

We get a lot of questions regarding the process of picture framing here at Cherry Creek Custom Framing. Let's face it, framing is not something everyone is familiar with and can be a bit of a mystery if you've never had something custom framed. We welcome your inquiries, but in an effort to provide answers [...]

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