Follow these tips for hanging a group of picture frames from Cherry Creek Custom Framing and you’ll look like a pro.  First, determine the height.  There is no hard and fast rule, so consider how the scale of the pictures relate to the overall scale of the room.  Also consider the eye level of the viewer.  If you are tall, you might hang your art a little higher.  If the art is to be installed in a dining room where the viewers will be seated, a lower sight line might work better.  For a child’s room the sight line might be lower still.  You can always mark the outline of the frame with blue painters tape or a rectangle of kraft paper to see how the position feels before committing. Second, Start by finding the center of the wall where the installation will go.  Find the center by holding your measuring tape as level as possible from one side to the other.  Divide that by two and make a small pencil mark.  Now check your mark by measuring in from the other side.  You can easily adjust to make sure you have the true center.  Third- when hanging a group of pictures, start in the center.  When you have the center frame hung, hold the next frame up on the wall and make a light pencil line where the top center of the frame should be.  Measure the distance from the top of the frame to the top of the wire to find the position for the hook.  Use a level to make sure everything is square. A little 12″ torpedo level from the hardware store comes in handy for smaller frames.   Now match the spacing on the other side. If one frame looks a bit high, try giving it a gentle tug to stretch the wire and pull it into place.   Fourth- to protect your wall surface you can use a Post-it Note to between the hook and the wall.  If you need to pull the hook out later the Post it will protect the painted surface from hammer scuffs. Lastly- don’t be afraid to start.  You won’t enjoy your artwork if it’s stacked up on the floor.  If you still feel daunted by the task give us a call.  We provide expert art installation services and would be happy to assist.