Here at Cherry Creek Custom Framing, the summer is winding down and as we set aside the sunscreen and pull out the sweaters we would like to highlight an ongoing danger that tends to get overlooked. During the summer months we slather ourselves and our children with copious amounts of sunscreen to protect us from the sun’s rays. Damage from UV rays is well known. One painful sunburn and you’ll remember to use sunscreen next time you’re out. Your skin might be protected but what about your artwork?

Sunlight streaming through your window might be burning your artwork year-round. If not properly framed, the sun could be permanently damaging the beautiful investments hanging on your walls. The above picture shows what can happen over a short time span. The print on the right was framed without protective glazing. Gone are the ochres and subtle earth tones of the undamaged original in the left. The sun has bleached out the colors and left a pale facsimile of the artist’s original intent. There is no conservation options for color loss due to UV exposure. The print on the right is headed for the recycling bin.

We find that our framing clients care greatly about the works they bring to us. Most are of high sentimental value, if not downright expensive. Replacement is either not simple or impossible. While the box retailers don’t offer UV protective glazing or provide it as a premium upgrade, it comes standard at Cherry Creek Custom Framing. Contact us today to find out if your current glazing is protecting your artwork properly. Protect your investments and keep the colors in your life vibrant with the framing experts at Cherry Creek Custom Framing!